About us

Calabrian Pasta was born from the passion for a land and its products, and from the desire to bring on the tables the gastronomic specialties of a region, Calabria, rich in traditions, tastes and flavors.

'Nduja, hot peppers, Sila potatoes, Tropea red onion, black pork, porcini mushrooms, are just some of the extraordinary flavors that can be encountered while wandering around Calabria. Calabrian Pasta has collected these products, enhancing their taste, and enclosing them in a casket of pasta, made of durum wheat semolina and flours of Calabrian origin, processed with pure water that flows into the Sila Piccola at over 1400 meters above sea level.

The result is a typical, artisanal, tasty, unique product.

We carefully choose the ingredients we use for our pasta, all of the highest quality, in order to obtain a product of excellence. With freezing, we keep all the flavors, aromas and sensations of an entire region.

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Our Ingredients

The ingredients are all at Km 0, all produced and selected in Calabria, where it is possible to work them in the same day and we prefer to choose them between BIO, DOP o IGP.

  • Durum wheat semolina and flour used are of Calabrian origin
  • Ricotta is produced by dairies located in Calabria, with controlled milk from 100% Calabrian farms
  • Porcini mushrooms are processed and selected with care and experience in Calabria
  • Sardella comes strictly from the countries of the Crotonese Ionian, areas where this excellence in Calabrian fish preserves is born
  • The oil used is extra virgin olive oil, BIO and 100% Calabrian
  • The water used naturally flows at over 1400 meters in the Sila mountains, a short distance from the area where there is cleanest air in Europe, perhaps even in the world

  • The meat used is of the black pig of Calabria and from BIO farms
  • The 'Nduja comes strictly from Spilinga, the world capital of this unique product
  • The Red Onion comes strictly from Tropea, home of this inimitable natural product
  • The eggs, where used, are all of Calabrian origin
  • The cheese used is only Pecorino Crotonese DOP
  • Potatoes come from the Calabrian Sila